Matt has designed with Apple, Ghostly International, P & G, IMTEK, Ecodoc Medical Supplies, Grafik Magazine, Leo Burnett, BBDO, Deloitte, Schoolmap Records, Structural Graphics, Up With Paper, United States Mint, University of Michigan, Queen Rania of Jordan, Widen + Kennedy, ZAAZ, Supreme, Levi’s, Chrysler, Shutterstop, Mikasa, Odin NY, Swire Properties, Kehlmann Levitt, FEAST, Finell, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Fidelity, Facebook, Shingle, The British Film Institute, VW, Acrylacize, Sesame Street, Epic Decade, Artfarm, Fatbaby, Barsuk Records, Warp Records, Deque, The National Science Foundation, Warby Parker, Farmboy, Soho Myriad, James Robertson, Kalisher, Gild, Eaton Fine Art, Lendrum Fine Art, Boston Art, Nine Dot Art, The Fold Institute, MoMA, Google, Visto, Fitzpatrick Architecture, Vogue and Christian Dior.

I love to work with creative and smart people. If you have a project that needs my help please contact me.